High-Tech Home Upgrades for a Smarter Home

High-Tech Home Upgrades for a Smarter Home - IgeJohnson.com

These days, high-tech home upgrades are not just flashy but mostly useless pieces of tech. Sure, there are plenty of smart home technology that’s still mostly just for show, but a bigger percentage of the smart home tech available today are actually quite useful now.

Here are some useful high-tech home upgrades that will make your house worthy of the Jetsons.


Smart locks have been around for a while, but are yet to be the norm in American homes. Aside from making you feel like you’re staying at a hotel, they add an extra layer of security to your home and most of them can be retrofitted to your existing door. Smart security cameras and alarm systems are also a worthy investment.


There are plenty of high-tech bathroom upgrades that are worth splurging on! You can start with simple smart bathroom upgrades like motion-activated faucets and soap dispensers. If you have the budget, you can take it up a notch and spring for a smart toilet complete with heated seats, automatic bidets, and even a sound system and a night light like the ones that are pretty common in Japan. There are also smart bathtubs with an automatic water filling system and digital showers.


One of the best things that home automation brings is energy efficiency. By setting timers for almost anything in your home from lights to the thermostat, you can make sure that everything is shut off when not in use. You can also control them remotely, so there’s an added layer of safety if you’re prone to forgetting to turn off your appliances.


From smart TVs to smart coffee makers, there’s no shortage of high-tech stuff when it comes to appliances. Most households in the US already own a smart TV, but there are other smart appliances that are worth investing in. A robot vacuum can really cut your cleaning time in half. A smart, WiFi-connected washing machine can also reduce washing time by 50% and can be controlled from your smartphone.

Aside from making your home more comfortable, secure, and manageable, smart home upgrades can also increase its resale value. So if you’re looking for ways to upgrade that are more than just your basic repaint and re-tile, think tech and go for a smarter home.