Does Your Home Have Curb Appeal?

Does Your Home Have Curb Appeal? |

When it comes to getting more potential buyers to seriously consider your home, curb appeal counts a lot. After all, how can you draw the buyers in if your home doesn’t make a good first impression?

If your listing has been up for ages and nobody’s even scheduling a home tour, you might want to look into boosting your curb appeal. Here are some tips from the pros that can give your home some serious curb appeal — without breaking the bank!

  1. Spruce up your landscaping.

    You don’t have to have a huge lawn to make your landscaping pop. Adding a couple potted plants around your front door or beneath your windows can make a great deal of difference. Although, If you do have a huge lawn, make sure it’s neatly trimmed!

  2. Make your front door pop.

    Replacing a dated front door, repainting it with a bright color, or adding contrasting trims to it can really make your house appear more interesting. It draws the eye in and definitely makes your home stand out.

  3. Create an inviting front porch.

    Got a huge front porch? Turn it into an outdoor living room by adding some plush chairs and a coffee table. If your porch is on the smaller side, dress it up with some attractive railings and greenery.

  4. Give your exterior walls a new wash of color.

    Chipping or peeling paint, dirty walls, or an oddly colored wall is a huge no-no when selling a house. Repainting is one of the cheaper renovating options, but it definitely creates a massive impact.

  5. Replace old, rusty hardware.

    It’s all in the details! Your potential buyers might not see them in the photos you posted online, but when they come over for a tour, dingy house numbers, door knobs or knockers, or creaking hinges will definitely turn them off.

  6. Install some outdoor lighting.

    Outdoor lighting doesn’t just improve your curb appeal when seen in person, they work wonders for photos of your property too. Add some porch lights or some solar lamps along your garden paths to make your outdoor area more appealing.

  7. Dress up your driveway.

    Your driveway makes up a huge part of your exterior, so you definitely want it to look its best. If you’ve got the budget, splurge on overhauling your driveway with stone, tiles, gravel, or any other novel idea.

  8. Check up on your roofing.

    A lot of people miss their roof when looking for ways to improve curb appeal. But missing shingles, worn out gutters, and an overall dirty roof can definitely ruin the look you’re going for.

  9. Pressure wash the dirt and grime away.

    A little pressure (washing) goes a long way! Pressure washing dirty driveways and walls is one of the cheaper things you can do that makes a big difference to your home’s curb appeal.

  10. Tidy up your yard.

    You don’t anything scattered out front when showing off your home to potential buyers, so get rid of the clutter before a home tour or an open house.

Don’t discount curb appeal when selling your house. Remember, first impressions can make or break your closing deal.