6 Green Home Upgrades that Add Value to Your Home

6 Green Home Upgrades that Add Value to Your Home | IgeJohnson.com

‘Going green’ is not just a fad. These days, more and more home buyers are considering a home’s energy efficiency rating when they go house shopping. So if you’re looking into doing renovations to increase your home’s value, green home upgrades are a great start.

Green Home Improvement Projects

Here are a couple of green home improvement projects that can add value to your home.

  1. Add insulation

    Insulating your attic is a low-cost home improvement project that boasts of a great ROI. You can even get tax credits for getting energy-efficient, non-toxic insulation installed in your home which is money on top of the energy savings that you’ll already be getting from the upgrade.

  2. Replace your windows

    Energy efficient windows can be pricey in terms of upfront costs, but the value that you get from them in the long run definitely makes up for the initial money you’ll spring for them. If getting new windows is not within your budget, you can do some weather stripping and caulking as a cheaper alternative.

  3. Install non-toxic carpets

    Old, worn-out carpets are a major turn off for potential buyers, so if you want to up your home’s value, get rid of your musty carpets and install new eco-friendly ones. Make sure you get carpets that are low-VOC.

  4. Tidy up the landscaping

    A lush, well-kept lawn is a major factor in boosting your home’s curb appeal, so invest in your landscaping. To stay eco-friendly, go with native plants for your garden. Native plants drink up less water because they’re already used to the climate, and they’re more likely to grow well in your garden than imported plants.

  5. Invest in solar power

    Like energy efficient windows, solar panels can be a huge undertaking money wise. However, they can definitely make up for their initial cost by giving you massive energy savings or recouping a huge percentage of your investment when you sell your home.

  6. Get a tankless water heater

    Bathroom improvements are pretty great when it comes to ROI, so it goes without saying that an eco-friendly bathroom upgrade will boost your home’s value even further. Tankless water heaters are pricey to install, but they can cut your energy bill by 20% to 50%. It’s definitely a plus to mention when you’re showing off your home to potential buyers.

There are so many benefits to reap by going green. Aside from boosting your home’s resale value, the improved sustainability and energy efficiency of your property will also score you major points towards helping save the environment. Even if you’re not planning to sell your home anytime soon, you still get major savings by doing any of these eco-friendly home improvement projects.