10 Home Showing Safety Tips for Sellers

10 Home Showing Safety Tips for Sellers | IgeJohnson.com

Home showings are inevitable when you’re selling a home. Highly experienced real estate agents know to employ safety measures while showing your home, but it pays to be vigilant as well.

Here are 10 safety tips that can help you, your family, and your agent stay safe during home showings.

10 Safety Tips When Showing Your Home

  1. Discuss home showing procedures with your realtor.

    The best way to prepare for everything is to have a nice discussion with your agent to ensure that both of you are aware of what’s going to be happening during each showing.

  2. Stay out of the way.

    You might be tempted to be present during the showing just to know exactly what’s going on, but being present for the showings just hampers your agent from really doing their job.

  3. Always schedule showings.

    Scheduling showings is standard procedure, so your agent will let you know if an interested party is up for a showing. It’s perfectly fine to not accept a schedule if it doesn’t suit you, but you have to know that refusing showings often diminishes your chances of securing that sale.

  4. Use the internet to know more about the potential buyer.

    In this age of social media, it’s pretty easy to have at least some surface information about your potential buyer, so spend some time searching for them online. It’s a great way to vet the interested party.

  5. Remove anything that reveals plenty about you and your family’s identity.

    From family pictures to important documents, it’s really important to hide, lock up, or remove anything that reveals sensitive information about you and your family. Keep your private life private!

  6. Don’t schedule showings at night.

    Most realtors know not to schedule showings at night, but if they’re running late and it’s getting pretty dark out, you can always tell your agent to just reschedule.

  7. Lock up your valuables.

    Make sure you’ve got jewelry, money, and any other valuables out of sight. Keep them in a safe and secure the key or change combinations often if you’ve got a combination lock on your safe.

  8. Secure any sharp objects, weapons, prescription drugs, and medication.

    You want to ensure your agent’s safety during the showing too, so hide your knives and other weapons before the scheduled showing. That goes for prescription drugs and medication as well.

  9. Keep track of who’s coming in.

    Make sure you know the identity of everyone who comes in for a showing. Make sure you note the time they came in and left as well. This way, it’ll be easier to track them down should something go awry.

  10. Follow up with your agent after the showing.

    Once your agent is done with the showing, ask them how it went and remind them to lock up your house. As an added layer of security, you can ask a neighbor or friend to double check as well.

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